Mehendi (Organic Hair Colour)

Mehendi (Organic Hair Colour)

Herbal Burgundy Hair Mehndi

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Product details

  • Discover the beauty of naturally colored hair with Vagads Khadi Herbal Burgundy Hair Mehndi. Crafted with the goodness of herbal ingredients, this henna-based hair mehndi offers a rich and vibrant burgundy hue while nourishing and strengthening your hair. Embrace the elegance of burgundy and the holistic benefits of herbal hair care.
  • Natural Burgundy Hue: This hair mehndi imparts a beautiful burgundy color to your hair, creating a striking and stylish look.
  • Herbal Enrichment: Infused with herbal extracts, including henna, amla, and bhringraj, this hair mehndi nourishes and conditions your hair while coloring it.

  • Long-Lasting Color: The rich burgundy color lasts for several weeks, providing a vibrant and enduring look.

  • Reduced Hair Fall: The herbal ingredients help reduce hair fall and breakage, promoting overall hair health.

Directions of Use

  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and let it dry completely.

  • In a non-metallic bowl, mix Vagads Khadi Herbal Burgundy Hair Mehndi with lukewarm water to form a smooth, thick paste. 

  • Allow the mixture to rest for 3-4 hours, or overnight, to allow the color to develop.

  • Wear gloves to protect your hands. Section your hair and apply the mehndi paste evenly from roots to tips, using a brush or your fingers. Ensure complete coverage.

  • Leave the mehndi on your hair for 45-50 mints to allow the color to penetrate.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with water until the mehndi is completely washed out. Do not use shampoo.

  • Avoid washing your hair for at least 24 hours after applying the mehndi to allow the color to set.
  • Enjoy your beautiful, burgundy-colored hair!

Manufacturer Details

  • Vagad’s Essence (Survey No. 272, Opp. Railway Station, Samkhiyali - 370150)
  • Marketed By: Everyday Ethical Global Limited, Bhuj - 370001
  • Net Volume:  100gm
  • Shelf Life: 36months
  • MRP: ₹398(inclusive of all taxes)
  • Country of Origin: India

Return and Exchange

  • This item is non-returnable Terms & Conditions applied.

Customer Care

  • If you have questions or need assistance on any aspect of our products, our  Customer Care team is ready to assist you promptly via phone or mail. Get in quick and convenient contact with us - simply call us at 9879948067, or email us at with your queries or concerns.

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