Mehendi (Organic Hair Colour)

Mehendi (Organic Hair Colour)

1. Which is natural Mehndi for hair?

Vagad’s khadi Herbal Mehendi is the best herbal mehndi khadi. It is free from Ammonia. The product is herbal and naturally made without containing any harmful chemicals. Vagad’s Khadi Herbal Mehendi contains only natural ingredients like - 

Henna - It improves the scalp health, has cooling properties, strengthens the hair by maintaining pH balance. 

Neem - It has been proven to reduce hair loss, is antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. Neem reduces dandruff and encourages hair growth. 

Bhringraj - It has been helpful in treating dry scalp and dandruff, treats baldness as it helps in hair growth. It prevents greying of hair and has been proven effective for hair fall. 

Amla - Amla boosts blood circulation if massaged properly. It nourishes the hair follicles which helios in hair growth. It is extremely rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. 

Check out Vagad’s Khaadi mehndi in three colours - Black, Brown, and Burgundy. 

2. Is Mehndi good for hair?

Henna is antifungal and antimicrobial. It has proven to be effective for premature greying of hair and dandruff. It also boosts hair growth as it is rich in protein. It has been proven to deeply condition the hair making them healthy. But it is important for you to use only Khadi hair Mehandi to gain the maximum benefits of mehendi.  

3. Does mehndi cause hair fall?

Mehndi on its own cannot cause hair fall. In fact, it strengthens hair. But some people complain of hair loss after applying mehendi. This can be due to the use of low quality mehendi. Low quality mehendi can cause hair to become dry and therefore, hair loss may be caused. To avoid all this, you should use only khadi gram mehndi. Natural, pure and authentic mehendi like Vagad’s Khadi Herbal Mehendi. Vagad’s Khadi products are handmade and natural products that are Khadi certified, and are 100% herbal. 

4. Is henna good for GREY hair?

Yes, henna has been used to colour grey hair for centuries now. It has proven to be effective for premature greying of hair. It not only colours the grey hair black or your desired colour but it also nourishes the hair that they don’t turn grey. 

5. Which mehendi is best for white hair?

Vagad’s Khadi Herbal Mehendi is the best khadi bhandar mehndi.  Vagad’s Khaadi mehndi is available in three colours - Black, Brown, and Burgundy.  Check out our website to know more. Vagad’s Khadi products are handmade and natural products that are Khadi certified, and are 100% herbal. 

6. Can we add coconut oil in henna for hair?

Yes you can. You can add moisturising oils, yoghurt, or a conditioner to your henna recipe, or use a good hair oil after your herbal hair treatment. Adding oils will only make your hair more nourished and will give a good colour on the hair. 

7. Can you mix turmeric with henna?

Turmeric is added to henna when you need a red hue in your hair naturally. To get the best results add turmeric, and about a teaspoon of curd in the henna that you are using. 

You should always use good quality henna for your hair, otherwise a cheaper quality can make your hair brittle and you will experience hair loss. Vagad’s khadi ashram mehndi is all natural, herbal and khadi products. If you are looking for henna for different colours, then we have Brown and Burgundy shades also in henna, along with the classic Black one.

8. Should I shampoo after henna?

People have mixed answers for this question. But if you ask us, we will recommend you to rinse off the henna from your hair with water only. After rinsing off the henna, apply a mild conditioner that you have been using from quite long, to make sure that it suits you. 

We are not recommending using shampoo as the colour of the henna depends upon the way you handle your hair for the next 48 hours after the application. To make sure you get the best results, avoid shampoos altogether. We suggest you wash your hair one day prior to applying the henna. This would make sure your hair is clean and after rinsing the henna you would not want to shampoo your hair. 

9. Can I apply henna on oiled hair?

It is generally not recommended to apply henna on oily hair. The oil in the hair can inhibit the even application of henna, therefore you might not get the desired hair colour of the Mehendi.