Khadi Rosemary & Heena Hair Oil

This hair oil anti-bacterial and Anti-oxidant, enhances new hair growth, provides color restoration reduces inflammation and rich and vibrant tresses.

Khadi Amla Hair Oil

Amla Oil the richness of the organic ingredients allows the oil to soak deep into the root of the hair follicle to strengthen it, thus boosting hair growth while maintaining your hair’s natural health.

Khadi 18 Herbs Hair Oil

This Hair Oil It is applied for relaxation, helps to cool down scalp, anti-dandruff, gives smooth and manageable hair and anti-depressant and gives smooth and managable hairs.

Khadi Amla & Brahmi Hair Oil

This Hair Oil helps to relax. Amla prevents premature greying enriching your hair deep within and making it shine with that extra gloss.

Khadi Bhringraj Hair Oil

This Hair Oil specially prepared from Bhringraj Oil , Lemon and other rare herbs relives mental tension and hair falling.

Khadi Shikakai Hair Oil

Shikakai helps in promoting the growth of the hair and prevents the hair from dandruff. Shikakai Oil is restrained from shikakai extracts, which are valued across the globe.