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      34 products

      Handmade Soap at the Best Price in India

      Vagad's Khadi Handmade Soaps are scented with essential oils and are relatively simple to use. On your skin, it functions as an antimicrobial agent. Handmade soaps are the most organic soaps to have flawless, glowing, and clean skin, which will lessen skin itchiness and help you get rid of infections more rapidly. Additionally, it removes sweat and oil, reduces bacterial characteristics, and guards against dirt. The chemistry of handmade soaps is distinct in that water molecules establish hydrogen bonds with one another, creating strong intermolecular forces that result in high surface tension. The polar ends of the soap molecules attract them to one another. The nonpolar ends of the soap molecules protrude from the water and aid in maintaining bubble stability. Vagad's Khadi has handmade soap in India, which is available in different soap varieties.

      Different Varieties of Handmade Soaps

      There are many different flavoured handmade soaps. That includes Neem Soap, Aloe Vera Soap, Rose Soap, Shikakai Soap, Orange Soap, Chocolate Soap, Jasmin Soap, Papaya Soap, Strawberry Soap, Mango Soap, Mix Fruit Soap, Green Tea Soap, Watermelon Soap, and many more. All these soaps are organic and safe to use on a regular basis.

      Why Handmade Soap Is Best for Your Skin?

      Handmade soap that lasts for at least 4 weeks as it will be hard and long-lasting till the end. Handmade soap can last for a month in your bathroom if you store it properly. Adding to this, handmade soaps are easy for kids to use in comparison with a bottle of body wash. Handmade soap will be a winner for the entire family. Since handmade soaps are typically larger than high-street competitors and contain better ingredients, they can offer greater value for the money because they are prepared with care and attention to specific formulas. On our hands, soap eliminates germs rather than kills them. The oil and grease on our hands attract germs (sounds gross, but it's quite normal). Since water and oil don't get along, they won't combine, so water alone won't be able to get rid of many of the bacteria on our hands. But soap is like both oil and water. The properties of soap are very intact as they are infused with sodium salts of fatty acids that are water-soluble. Fats, oils, or fatty acids are used to make soaps, which are then processed with solid alkali (a base). The production of fats and oils is the method most frequently utilised to make soap.

      Benefits of Handmade Soap

      • It gets you clean.
      • It will last longer.
      • It can work as an exfoliator.
      You can buy these handmade soaps online for easy and convenient shopping. Overall, Vagad's Khadi serves the best handmade soaps, and with that, it is available at a reasonable price in India.