What to expect when you buy Vagad's Khadi products?

What to expect when you buy Vagad's Khadi products?

If you are tired of using chemical products then it's time to switch to nature. Now when the world is fully dependent on chemicals, it is time to go back to Mother Nature to get all your problems solved. Shifting to nature may take some time but it would be worth it.

Where did Vagad's Khadi products begin?

With a belief in Gandhian philosophy, Vagads Khadi assimilated in 2005. The product ranges from hair, skin, bath, & body care. This organic wellness products manufacturer believes in giving back to society. Thus, they are working for rural upliftment, self-employment, and revival of small to medium scale industries.

Is Vagad's Khadi original?

Emphasizing women empowerment, they employ women workers for their handmade products. Tracing its roots back to Kutch, it promises to deliver premium natural products. The brand values its cherished customers the most. It believes in delivering what it promises. Loyalty, ethnicity, and supporting a cause are three main goals the brand wants to achieve with presence as the main purpose.

Natural skincare products is always away from chemicals

Embracing nature and soil to create an outcome, the brand has kept its best interest in delivering the best natural skincare products and natural hair products. Free from any kind of harsh or nasty chemicals you can stay assured to get the best result from products of Vagad's Khadi. This khadi brand promotes nature wholeheartedly. Products free of toxins and harmful chemicals are the main attraction of the brand. 

Are natural organic products best for your skin?

Originating from nature we go back to nature. Whether it's food, drinks, or cosmetics anything that has been made using chemicals would affect your body in a way or another. Most chemical-aided products harm slowly which shows the symptoms when it is too late to cure. Chemical-based products include bad chemicals like fragrances, phthalates, formaldehyde, and alcohol. These cause harm to your skin and stir away from the natural glow and moisture from your skin.

If you have encountered any problems due to the effects of chemical or synthetic products it is time to switch to natural. Natural products are plant-based products. They contain an ingredient that is obtained from a plant in a large amount. Natural products do not include any toxins thus you would not have to worry about any toxin inlet from your natural beauty product

Why should you choose organic and chemical-free products wherever you are?

To save your beautiful and sensitive skin from a toxic chemical you should opt for going herbal. And in the ocean full of real and fake products we assure you to deliver the best quality product. Adding nature and innovation we have made something that would soothe your skin and keep you become beautiful. We promise you to provide products that are not only natural but are made with love and care.

When you buy Vagad's Khadi products you will get the best results. 

Let's dive deeper to see what you would get when you buy these khadi natural products.

1. Organic and toxin-free products

Any chemical-based products contain synthetic and man-made chemicals such as Laureth sulfate, residues of pesticides, sodium laurel, etc. which can lead to skin irritation and several other health-related issues. But if you use Vagad's khadi natural products you do not have to worry about any of those toxins anymore. From natural face wash to wellness products everything is plant-based and organic. So, say bye-bye to harmful toxins and all health-related issues and shake hands with the best khadi products.

Vagad's khadi charcoal milky soap is one such natural bath and body product that is free of any toxins. It only contains charcoal powder, multani mitti, rose extract, virgin coconut oil, green gram, moisturizer, and herbal extract.

2. Non-allergic products

Being natural these products do not contain any kind of toxins. This is why these products are less likely to give you an allergy. You can easily spot the ingredient which would give you any kind of allergies. For example, if you are allergic to peanuts then avoid products that contain peanuts. You can check the products' ingredients in the packaging. You can choose the non-allergic product based on your allergy history from our best organic skin care product in India

3. Cruelty-free skincare products

The beauty industry is full of horror stories of child labor, animal abuse, and human trafficking. But we assure you that khadi natural products are free of all that. All the ingredients are obtained from natural products which mean no need for abusive laboring and animal cruelty.

4. Giving back to society

We believe that when we take from society, we give it back to you. Thus, we have been helping rural areas in uplifting them by employing them. We strongly believe that women's financial literacy is important. Thus, we employ them so they can stand on their own feet. We have various products that are hand-made by our women employees. This means if you buy any product by us, say our handmade natural hair care product you are initially helping them too.

5. Preserving environment

All of the products that we make are made by using organic kinds of stuff. Because we do not use chemicals, we do not pollute the environment with them. No toxins are released either. Thus, we save our customers as well as nature from harmful chemicals. And by supporting us you are becoming a part of our initiative. So you kill two birds here with one stone, you save your skin and hair from toxins and also preserve the environment.

6. Easier on skin and health

Due to the natural base of the products we rarely use preservatives which let us keep our products free from toxic chemicals. That is why our products are easier on your skin. Every chemical-based beauty product contains chemicals like paraben, sulfates, petrochemical, synthetic dyes, propylene glycol, and triclosan. But you would not have to worry about those chemicals if you use our products.

If you would not use those harmful chemicals you would not have to worry about the health issues related to those chemicals. So, if you want to be saved from all of the problems you can stay away from them and use our plant ingredients-based natural products.

Support Indian brand to promote Make in India Campaign 

Vagad’s Khadi is an Indian manufacturer with khadi in heart

If you support us you are helping the country's economy too. You are supporting an Indian brand, an Indian name. You are supporting a brand that is helping the country with patriotism in its heart. Also, being an Indian manufacturer, we know your needs. Our products are manufactured to suit every Indian skin & hair type. 

In this lockdown, you cannot risk going out. But just because of that you cannot leave your skincare at a halt. Thus, you can order our products online. We would provide you with the best product with faith in khadi online. We would satisfy all your skincare needs. From Heena to herbal soap, from shampoo to face wash, everything is made to suit your needs.

Whenever you buy any random products, you cannot guarantee the quality of the product. But when you buy Vagad's Khadi products you do not have to worry about bad results. You would only get good results. Being organic and natural, the products are safe to the core for use by everyone.