The Essential Guide for Bar Soap & Its Benefits

The Essential Guide for Bar Soap & Its Benefits

What happened to the bar soap? The classic bathroom essential we used growing up has disappeared from our shelves for close to a decade. Replaced by body washes and liquid soaps that are simpler to use, the bar soap is gradually making a strong comeback. Environmental concerns, natural, chemical-free products and multiple benefits over liquid products are some of the factors contributing to the rise in popularity of bar soap.

Benefits of Soap

On the hunt for the best soap in India, it is imperative to understand what makes a soap bar the best and how to use them effectively. Take a look at the benefits of bar soap in this section.

  • Long-lasting: Bar soap can last for a month if stored appropriately! To make it last longer, store it in a soap dish with draining capabilities and ensure it is not sitting in water.
  • Ingredients: Bar soap is made from different oils and butter. As there is no water added, it is concentrated (unlike liquid soaps) and you can also choose a bar soap with ingredients suitable for your skin. Some oils used in bar soap are coconut oil, neem oil and lavender oil, among others.
  • Eco-friendly: How exactly is bar soap environmentally friendly? Bar soap has comparatively less packaging than its liquid counterpart, packed in a plastic bottle. Bar soap packaging can be recycled as they come in paper wrappers or boxes.

Other notable benefits of bar soap include travel-friendly, ease of use and perfect for small spaces.

Best Ways to Use a Bar Soap 

Everybody knows how to use bar soap, so what is the point of this section? These are some tips to get the most out of your bar soap. After purchasing one that suits your skin, the next step is to use the bar soap in the best way possible.

  • Keep it dry- While using it, you can’t help but get the bar soap wet. However, don’t keep it near water or excessive steam. It will prolong the bar soap’s life. Store it in a soap dish that drains the excess moisture.
  • Washcloth or loofah: While rubbing the bar soap with your hands can produce lather, a washcloth or loofah absorbs and retains the lather, thereby translating to using the bar soap less and still getting an excellent lather.
  • Lower the heat: The feeling of a hot shower and using a soap bar is unmatched. However, the heat can cause it to dissolve quickly. Moderately cold showers make the bar soap last longer and maintain its shape and consistency.

Best Soap in India 

While numerous brands are offering bar soap in the market, the pandemic has introduced multiple handmade bar soaps as well from small-scale businesses. These days, bar soaps are manufactured using natural ingredients such as pure essential oils and plant butter.

The best soaps in India are:

Coconut Soap

Made using coconut oil, neem oil, rose extract and basil, this bar soap has moisturizing abilities and provides relief from itching. Its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties are extremely good for the skin

Lemongrass Soap

Lemongrass and wheatgerm are the primary components of this bar soap. It helps in cleaning out pores and is a good skin cleanser. It also acts as a natural exfoliator and scrapes off dead cells.

Lemon Soap

Made up of lemon and wheatgerm, this bar soap has antibacterial qualities that clean the skin and get rid of bacteria. It also helps prevents acne.

Learning to use bar soap is not exactly a tough nut to crack, but there is a little more to this product than meets the eye. With good quality bar soaps, proper storage and usage, you can get more out of them and avoid plastic bottles! 

Using a Vagad’s Khadi bar soap, you can rest assured that our products are free from harmful additives, and packaged sustainably.