Summer has arrived in full force and the rising temperatures have detrimental effects on our hair and skin. Hot and sunny days require special hair care routines to tackle frizzy and dry hair. The heat and pollutants cause numerous problems like split ends, and dryness, among others. The solution isn’t to go for a haircut, but to adopt a suitable hair care routine and use these summer hair care tips to keep your mane healthy!

The longer your hair, the more care it needs. Scroll further, take notes (or bookmark this blog!), and discover a summer hair care routine that will help keep your luscious locks healthy.


Summers can wreak havoc on your hair as much as winters can. Here is the perfect way to start your hair care routine.

1: Detangle - It is important to NOT fix your tangled hair in the shower. Ensure that you detangle your locks before heading under the water. The water makes your hair more vulnerable and prevents broken hair. 

2: Shampoo - Ensure that the shampoo you use is hydrating (to prevent dryness) and does not contain harmful additives like parabens and SLS. By using a shampoo full of chemicals, your tresses will end up looking like a dry mess on the top of your head.

3: Conditioner - Using a hydrating conditioner will ensure that each strand of your hair is nourished. After applying, leave it on for a couple of minutes, just so that your hair can absorb the moisture before you wash it off. If you find some tangles along the way, gently detangle them with your fingers.
4: Serum - Using a hair serum is the best way to protect your hair from heat and prevent split ends and frizz. Take a few drops and apply them to semi-dry hair. This summer hair care tip will create a barrier and keep your hair protected from harsh UV rays and heat.
5: Hair Oil - Replenish the lost moisture in your hair with a good hair oil massage. This hair care routine will help prevent dryness and form a protective layer from external damage.

Summer Hair Care Tips 

Along with a suitable hair care routine for the summer, a few tips must be kept in mind as well.

  • While your scalp may feel greasy and oily due to sweat, it is imperative that you DON’T shampoo frequently. This will strip off the natural oils from your scalp and make it dry.
  • Steer clear of tight ponytails and pulled back buns as they tend to break the hair. Opt for loose hairstyles or wear your hair down.
  • Avoid the biggest trigger for hair damage during the summer, which is heat and UV rays. Ensure that you always have a scarf or hat to cover up your hair whenever you step out. 
  • Using a fine-toothed comb for your tangled hair will cause damage. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair and prevent them from breaking.

Find out answers to some queries you may have while reading about summer hair care routines.

How to take care of hair in summer at home? 

Establish a solid hair care routine using Vagad’s Khadi products to enjoy healthy and shiny hair.

What does hot weather do to your hair? 

The hot weather can prove to be disastrous for your hair if you do not follow a proper summer hair care routine. UV rays, pollutants, and heat can cause split ends, frizzy hair, or breakages.

What is a good hair care routine? 

A good hair care routine includes detangling, moisturizing, and oiling your hair using the appropriate products.

How to keep hair moisturized in the summer? 

Using the chemical-free conditioners and serums from Vagad’s Khadi will help keep your hair moisturized in this blistering heat.

Should I oil my hair in summer?

 Yes, it is important to oil your hair as it forms a protective barrier and prevents your hair from dehydrating.

Protect your hair from the detrimental effects of heat with Vagad’s Khadi Hair Care Collection and form a hair care routine that is free from parabens, SLS, and other damaging chemicals.