Complete Skin Care Products List That We Have To Rely On

Complete Skin Care Products List That We Have To Rely On

Summer requires a little extra care from your skin care products. The heat, sweat, humidity, and dust together contribute towards making your skin dull and damaged. It is a fact that to give genuine care to your skin, you need to rely on khadi skin care products. In this blog, we are going to tell you the skin care products list from the best Khadi brand, Vagad’s Khadi, that you should rely on these summers, so that your skin remains supple and healthy. 

Let us start from the face. 

The skin on your face is more sensitive and prone to damage than the skin on the rest of your body. Therefore, it should be cared for and should be given more attention. 

The skin care products list that is shared below is the panacea to deal with all your skin-related problems. All of the below-mentioned products are khadi skin care products, which when used on a daily basis can make your skin healthy from the inside and radiate from the outside.  

Face Wash:

Face wash is the first thing you use on your face, therefore it has to be the best. Natural and khadi skin care products have no replacement and you should use only natural ingredients on your face. Vagad’s khadi has a wide range of face washes. They are all composed of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients of Vagad’s Khadi face wash are suitable for all skin types.


The second thing that most people use is scrub. A scrub is used to get rid of the unwanted particles that clog the pores of the skin. Although scrub is not used on a daily basis, it should, however, be used periodically to unclog your skin. Choosing the right scrub depends on its ingredients. The scrub should not be too harsh on your skin. Vagad’s Khadi scrubs collection is full of natural ingredient variants that would be appropriate for all skin types. 

Moisturising cream:

Moisturising the skin comes as the next step. This step is very important to give your skin moisture to keep it healthy. Vagad’s Khadi has a variety of khadi skin care products that would help you keep your skin young. Check out Vagad’s range of khadi cream.

Lip Balm:

Lip Balms are the protection you wear for the sensitive skin of the lips. It is advised that lip balms should always be applied before applying any other thing on the lips. Check out Vagad’s Khadi lip balms


Other than these products, Vagad’s Khadi also presents a wide range of products that should be used from time to time to replenish moisture and freshness back to your skin. These products are - Face packs, Khadi gel, and Toner and Mists.  

All of these products are pure, natural and khadi. All of these products are suitable for all skin types. You can choose your favourite ingredients from the collections page of each product. 
These are the products you should use for your face. But what about the other parts of the body. Yes, they need care too. 

Best skin care products for body

When we talk about taking care of the skin on other parts of the body, other than the face, we all have different preferences. Yet there is some similarity when it comes to using the basic products. Let us tell you about the basic products that are necessary for you to take care of your skin. 

Soaps/Body washes:

Different people prefer different ways, but the only thing in common should be that the products should be natural. Vagad’s Khadi presents a variety of soaps and body washes with a variety of ingredients to match your preference. Our bath and body care will take care of your bath needs. 

Moisturising Lotion:

Lotions are applied to give moisture to the skin. The ingredients present in the organic skin care products help the skin heal and get replenished with all the freshness. Vagad’s Khadi has a wide variety of Moisturising lotions.

Foot cream:

Foot skin becomes rough as the skin cells become dead over time with constant overuse. With the help of foot cream you can heal the skin of your foot and make it soft. Check out Vagad’s Khadi foot cream

Using all these products daily will help you get soft and supple skin. Make sure you use the best organic skin care products in India by Vagad’s Khadi. 

Apart from these the products which are separately necessary for the face and the rest of the body, a product which is common and should be applied at all the visible parts is Sunscreen. Sunscreen is the product whose importance can not be stressed enough. All the exposed areas of the body should be covered in sunscreen. 

Sun screen:

The last step to keep your skin glowing through the harsh summer days is by using sunscreens. But not just any sunscreen would help you, only organic skincare products should be your favourite products. Vagad’s Khadi sunscreens come in the range of spf 15 to 60. Check them out. 

All of these products are available at Vagad’s Khadi website. Check out our website to find a lot of other products that we offer. We offer the best skincare products that are 100% natural and khadi. Don’t miss the chance to have glowing and radiant skin. Visit our website to get amazing deals and offers.