How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair While Travelling?

How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair While Travelling?

How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair While Travelling?

Travelling is a fun experience. The more you travel, the more experience you gain, but travelling may also turn out to be super exhausting and can cost your skin and hair a lot. But instead of regretting afterwards and finding solutions to get back your healthy skin and hair after a trip, you could instead take care of your skin during the entire trip.

Now, we understand that carrying travel skin care products is a little difficult but you could instead take a travel skincare kit in which all of your major skin and hair care products fit in. Good idea, isn’t it? 

But now the question arises, from where would you get such a kit that contains all the important travel skincare products? Don’t worry, Vagad’s Khadi is here. We know the needs of our customers well and therefore we have launched a Travel Kit in which you will find all the travel essentials for women. And you don’t have to worry whether the products will suit you or not because it’s your favourite Vagad’s Khadi products. 

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Travel without worrying about skin and hair damage with Vagad’s Khadi Travel Kit 

The products that you are going to get in the travel kit are - 

Amla and Brahmi Hair Oil

    Yes oiling is important even while travelling and therefore we bring to you the goodness of amla and brahmi in a hair oil exclusively for you so that you don’t have a bad hair day and can clock awesome pictures everywhere you go. 

    Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo  

     Now after oiling, you also need to use a herbal and natural shampoo to get the maximum benefits, therefore bringing the goodness of amla and bhringraj yet again in shampoo form , we have made sure that you mom will not be frustrated with you when you return from the trip with damaged hair.

    Lavender and Ylang Ylang Body Wash  

    While travelling we come across difficult weather which might be harsh on our skin. But not anymore. After using this unique blend of lavender and ylang ylang in body wash, your skin will be radiant and feel fresh and hydrated.  

    Peach and Avocado Moisturising Lotion  

    Get smoother skin instantly with this moisturising lotion that has the goodness of peach and avocado. And honestly, who doesn’t like the fruity smell of a moisturiser?  

    Orange and Lemongrass Face Wash  

    A travel kit is incomplete without a face wash and we have it too in this kit. But this face wash is not any ordinary face wash, it is the combination of orange and lemongrass which will keep your skin fresh and smooth throughout your trip. 

    If you are planning a trip shortly then you must instantly check out our website to order this kit for yourself and your family members. 

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