How To Take Care Of Your Hair In The Rainy Season?

How To Take Care Of Your Hair In The Rainy Season?

"Monsoon and hair fall" have been heard so many times that these two have been accepted as a team. Apart from hair fall, the only other combination associated with monsoon is tea and pakora. But what is the reason behind this? Why is hair fall in the monsoon so common? In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about hair loss in the monsoon before the rains arrive this year.

The humid weather during the rainy season causes dandruff and hair loss, and your tresses will suffer greatly. Your hair is most sensitive during this time, so proper hair care throughout the rainy season is essential.

But first, let us understand why hair fall in the monsoon is so common.

Hair suffers from humidity during the monsoon season. So, aside from making your hair frizzy, what else does humidity do to your hair? Excessive perspiration caused by humid air results in an increase in sebum (oil) on your scalp. Sweat and oil provide the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. As a result, you'll have an itchy, greasy scalp that you'll try to wash away. The catch is that due to the humidity, your scalp will become itchy sooner after your hair wash day, causing you to wash your hair more frequently than usual. 

8 Ways to protect hair fail in the monsoon

Avoid excess moisture 

Keeping your scalp dry during a monsoon is one of the most useful and practical monsoon hair care recommendations. Rainwater is dirty and acidic, both of which are bad for your hair.

Oil your hair 

Massaging your hair with a good hair oil improves blood circulation and hence strengthens your hair to withstand the harsh monsoon environment.

Have a good diet 

Externally, not everything can be done to fix a problem, especially when it comes to hair. If you eat a poor diet, your body will not receive the nutrients it needs to keep your hair healthy. What you consume has an impact on who you are. So eat more greens and proteins, and don't forget to incorporate essential oils into your diet to assist your hair growth.

Keep it short 

Keeping your hair short is one of the most fundamental tips for preventing hair breakage during this season. Because you won't be putting much power into your long hair, you'll notice a significant reduction in hair fall. Having short hair also makes it easier to keep up with it. Use hair serums that keep your hair smooth and manageable if you want to give it a little additional attention, even if it's short.

Use the proper comb 

It's best not to brush wet hair right away because it's the most fragile. When it comes to rainy-day hair care, this is one of the most important considerations to make because your hair may be damp for most of the time during the rainy season. Choose a wide-toothed brush that can detangle your hair without much effort. Make sure the brush's teeth have enough area in the centre to prevent the hair from breaking during brushing. Furthermore, sharing brushes should be avoided to avoid the spread of dangerous infections.

Let your hair breathe 

When we get ready for the day, we tend to bun our hair, which pulls on our scalp frequently due to the weight of the bun. Let your hair down and tie it in a loose pony or half-pin to allow your scalp to breathe.

Say goodbye to the hairdryer 

After a shower, it's tempting to reach for the hairdryer straight away, but the heat is detrimental to your scalp's health. After you've washed your hair, gently press your towel against it to absorb all of the water and let it air dry. This also applies to the off-monsoon season. Your hair is at its most fragile after a shower. As a result, do them a favour and avoid heating them at that time.

Apply a hair mask once in a while 

Your hair might need a little additional damage control and hydration now and then. That's where the hair masks, as your superhero, come in handy. It's also a lifesaver the night before a big event when you don't want to have a horrible hair day. We recommend using a hair mask once a week to witness a transformation in your hair.
All of the above mentioned tips will help you greatly to deal with hair fall in winters.   

Let us now look at a few FAQs which will further help you with any questions/doubts that you might have in your mind - 

How can I protect my hair during the rainy season?

Protecting your hair from hair fall during the rainy season is easy. Just follow the tips given in this blog by Vagad’s Khadi and you will be ready to face the monsoon season. 

Does the rainy season affect hair? / Does hair fall increase in the rainy season?

Hair Fall in monsoon season definitely increases due to the humidity in the air which muddles with the hair. But following the tips that are given in this blog by Vagad’s Khadi will help you greatly. 

How often should I wash my hair in the rainy season?

You should wash your hair in the rainy season at the same intervals that you normally do. Due to problems like dryness and hair fall in monsoon, people tend to wash their hair more frequently which further worsens the situation. 

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