How To Get Rid Of Body Odour In Summer Permanently

How To Get Rid Of Body Odour In Summer Permanently

Summers are a great time to be active and to get things done. But being active in summer leads to a lot of sweat, and eventually it leads to body odour. It sure is a natural process, but body odour might lead to reduced confidence in an individual. So what should you do? How to reduce body odour? 

In this blog we are going to tell you the causes that lead to body odour. We will also tell you how you can get rid of it permanently. 

Keep reading this blog to learn the best ways in which you can stop smelling like sweat. 

Causes Of Body Odour 

When bacteria on your skin come into contact with sweat, body odour develops. Bacteria are normally present on our skin. When we sweat, the bacteria in our bodies mingle with the water, salt, and fat in our bodies, causing an odour. The odour can be unpleasant, pleasant, or undetectable.

Sweat smells for the above-mentioned reasons. This is a natural phenomenon. But there might be some other causes also that might contribute towards the germination of bacteria that causes the body's odour. 

These causes are 

  1. Consumption of too much sugar 
  2. Wearing synthetic or tight clothes 
  3. Eating too many spicy or non-vegetarian food items
  4. Consuming alcohol 
  5. Not taking proper care of your undergarments 

What is the solution? 

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Body Odour 

  1. Wear Breathable fabrics
  2. Do not wear too tight clothes
  3. Washing your clothes regularly is a must 
  4. You sweat what you eat, therefore, eat a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables and avoid spicy or non-vegetarian food
  5. Only use natural products on your body during summers. Chemicals in your body care products might worsen the condition. 

If these things are kept in mind, the external factors that lead to body odour can be kept in check. 

But these things will work when you take care of the bacteria factor properly. So the question is, how to get rid of body odour? It has a simple answer, and that is to control sweat and bacteria. Now, sweat cannot be controlled at any cost. In summer, it is a natural phenomenon to sweat, and any body mist or deodorant that claims to stop sweat for 24 or 48 hours is only getting in the way of the natural phenomenon, which might as well lead to many other problems. 

So what should you do? 

A simple way out would be to use products that are mild on your skin but will also stop the bacteria from growing on your body. 

Natural and khadi products lead the charts in this respect. But how to know that a brand that claims to be natural is actually selling natural products? Well, don’t worry! You don’t have to search for this as we already have a solution to this problem.

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