How can you glow in your best friend’s/cousin’s wedding  with Vagad’s Khadi?

How can you glow in your best friend’s/cousin’s wedding with Vagad’s Khadi?

How can you glow in your best friend’s/cousin’s wedding  with Vagad’s Khadi?

Wedding bells are ringing everywhere and it is time for you to start preparing for a family wedding or a close friend’s wedding. But choosing outfits is not the only thing you need to take care of. You also need to take care of your skin to get a glow that would make everybody fall for you. Getting a glow is not an easy task especially in winters when the skin is the most vulnerable. But don’t worry because Vagad's Khadi is all set to give you your perfect skin and glow in a month’s time. As they are packed with all the natural ingredients, Vagad’s Khadi Ayurvedic products are going to be your permanent favourite. 

Let us tell you how can you get that glow for the upcoming weddings -  

  1. Vagad’s Khadi Natural Face Wash - Face washes do play a major role. They not only cleanse the dirt and dust settled on your skin but set the texture of the skin. That is why natural face washes are recommended so that the goodness of the natural ingredients can seep in through your skin, making it supple and nourished. Vagad’s Khadi has a variety of face wash. They come in combinations such as orange and lemongrass, neem and tulsi, sandal with honey etc, so that you get the best of ingredients that give the maximum benefits.

  2. Vagad’s Khadi Face Pack -  Whenever your skin acts weird in spite of you doing everything right, just know that your skin needs the pampering of a face pack. The face pack is the easiest way of making your skin get all the nourishment. Packs literally pack the moisture and goodness of the ingredients deep in the skin making it supple and glowing. Vagad’s Khadi face packs come in variants like - Sandal, Rose with Papaya, and Aloe Vera.

  3. Vagad’s Khadi Face Scrubs - Your face can look dull and a shade darker than your actual skin tone because of the settled dust and pollution and the piling up of dead skin cells. To get rid of all these try using a face scrub. Face scrubs are used to eliminate dust and dirt that settles deep into the pores and also the dead skin cells that are not removed even after the use of face wash. Vagad’s Khadi provides scrubs that are effective and natural and are packed with products that suit all skin types. Aloe vera scrub, Apricot Scrub, walnut scrub and active charcoal with tea tree scrub are the scrubs that we offer. These are classic scrubs and have been trusted by people for years. 

  4. Vagad’s Khadi Face Creams - You should always apply face creams whether it is in the day or at night. Day creams have a different purpose than night creams and both should be taken very seriously. The skin on the face is generally more sensitive than on the rest of the body, therefore, you need to moisturise it well by applying creams. Vagad’s Khadi has a lot of options in creams. You can choose one according to your skin type and issue. 

    Just by following the simple routine of using face wash, scrub, packs and cream you can get the glow you have always wanted. Vagad’s Khadi products are all-natural Ayurveda inspired products that are specially curated to suit your skin. 

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