Daily Skincare Regimen With Vagad Khadi Products

Daily Skincare Regimen With Vagad Khadi Products

Going to a beauty salon once in a while is easy but daily skin care routine at home is a task very difficult to be consistent with. But with Vagad’s khadi herbal products your daily skincare routine for glowing and healthy skin is sorted. We have products for you that both you and your skin will enjoy. These products are super easy for day skin care routine and you won’t have to go to a beauty salon to fix your problems fixed through artificial methods. 

Let us look at the products that will help you get naturally glowing and flawless skin - 

 1. Face Wash - From neem and tulsi face wash for acne-prone skin to active charcoal face wash to remove the dirt deeply from the pores, we have a wide range of face washes that will cater to people of all skin types and with different issues. Since the ingredients of all the products are all natural and herbal, added on the fact that all of our products are made by hand, tells the story of our nobility.

2. Toner/Mist - Toner is the first thing you should apply after washing your face. A toner rejuvenates your skin as it seeps down deeply into the pores. Vagad's Khadi has brought out 3 types of mists - rose water, mint and cucumber and cucumber with aloe vera. All the 3 serve different purposes. You can choose according to your preference.

3. Moisturising Cream - To make your skin get ready for the day, you need to moisturise it. This helps the skin maintain its sheen and softness. Right after applying the toner, and before applying makeup products, use a moisturiser. When at the end of the day you will remove the makeup along with the dust and pollution that has settled on your face, you will feel that your skin is not affected at all as you gave your skin the protection it needed.

4. Lip Balm - As much as your skin requires protection from the harmful pollutants in the air, your lips want protection too. It is, in fact, said that the skin on the lips is more sensitive in comparison to the skin of the entire body. Therefore, it needs to be treated with more caution. Vagad's Khadi has brought out 3 types of lip balms that you can choose from - Watermelon, Kiwi and Chocolate and Almond. Apply lip balm before applying lipstick and even after applying lipstick for the entire day, your lips will be soft.

5. Moisturiser - Your body needs the right nourishment to deal with the dirt, heat and pollution every day. Therefore, in your everyday routine, you should not forget to moisturise your body as well. We have a wide range of moisturisers you can choose from.

These were the products we will recommend that will help you in your everyday skincare routine. Visit our website- www.vagadskhadi.com to have a look at our wide range of products for everyday skincare. You can even shop the products on the basis of the concerned areas and issues related to it.