Benefits Of Rose Water For Skin And How To Use It

Benefits Of Rose Water For Skin And How To Use It

Rose water or commonly known as Gulab Jal is found in every Indian household. Rose water benefits are numerous and that is why people use it on a daily basis. The primary use is rose water for skin, more precisely rose water for skin whitening, but there are a lot of other ways in which it can be used to get its benefits. Keep reading this blog till the end to learn the benefits of rose water on face.

Rose Water: What is it and how is it made?

As the name clearly suggests, rose water is nothing but rose and water. It is made by distilling or steeping rose petals in water. It has been in use since time immemorial for its various benefits in perfumes, for skin care, and even in food and drinks. However, it has been used the most for skin and skin care because of its benefits. 

Let's see the benefits now.

What are the benefits of rose water for skin?

Benefits of rose water for skin as rosewater toner for face has been in use since centuries. Let us see rose water benefits - 

  1. Natural oils of the skin are balanced with rose water.
  2. Clarifying and balancing the skin are the most commonly known rose water benefits. It refreshes, revitalises and rejuvenates the skin.

  3. Hydration is yet another rose water benefit for skin.
  4. For glowing skin that is healthy and supple, hydration is a must. Rose water is known to be a natural hydrator and therefore when used on skin, the skin feels youthful and glowing. 

  5. Balancing the skin is one of the most common rose water uses.
  6. People with oily or combination skin should use rose water to balance the oils and to get a fresh look and natural glow on the face.

  7. The best rose water benefit is that it prevents fine lines and wrinkles.
  8. Who wouldn’t want a wrinkle-free face till late in their life. Rose water has the ability to prevent new fine lines and wrinkles from forming and even reduce the appearance of existing ones.

  9. The benefits of applying rose water on the face include reduced redness.
  10. It is a widely known fact that rose water soothes and calms the skin. When applied to your skin, it reduces the redness and irritation and provides a calming effect.

  11. Antioxidant properties are yet another benefit of rose water for skin.
  12. Rose water being rich in skin-protecting antioxidants is yet another reason why it is used for skin so much.

  13. Large pores are minimised by rose water. 
  14. How does it do that? Well, we said above that rose water balances the oils in the skin. By doing this it prevents the pores from getting clogged. When the pores are clogged, they appear large. But rose water takes care of this.

Rose water benefits are numerous, but exactly who all can use it?

Rose water for skin, but for which skin type?

Putting it out here clearly, Rose water is good for all skin types. Yes, whether you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or sensitive skin, you can use rose water toner for face. 

The only things you need to take care of here are -

  1. You are not allergic to roses.
  2. You use natural, pure and khadi rose water.

People with oily skin get the benefit of a balanced oil composition.

People with dry skin get the hydration and moisture they need.

Combination skin people get the best of both worlds by taking all the above-mentioned benefits.

And, sensitive skin people are benefited by the gentle cleansing and nourishing properties of rose water.

So now if everybody can use rose water to get the benefits of rose water for skin, the question is - How to use rose water? 

How to use rose water?

Rose water benefits for skin can be used in the following ways - 

The best way to use rose water is through khadi rose water toner - Pure Rose Water Facial Toner or a Rose Essential Oil.

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