Have you ever imagined that an unlikely gritty black ingredient called Charcoal rather “Activated Charcoal” has innumerous health and beauty offerings? If No, then this blog is going to throw immense light on the benefits of Activated Charcoal for you…
Activated Charcoal is the natural way to detox and slow down aging. Charcoal binds to certain poisons, heavy metals, and other toxins and flush them from your body, making it a wonder substance for acute and general detoxification. It is the byproduct of burning a carbon source like wood or (better yet) coconut shells. The substance is “activated” by high temperatures, removing all the oxygen and changing its chemical structure to create much smaller particles with more surface area.
So yes, that’s true we’re suggesting you use black charcoal on your precious skin and hair. Because toxins stick to the activated charcoal, it makes a good deep cleanser and detoxifier. It’s all-natural and won’t add new chemicals to your skin and hair when you use it.
So lets understand the best ways to use activated charcoal for your skin and hair:

1. Helps with Oily Skin:

Activated charcoal pulls unwanted excess oils from your skin making it more smooth. It can be used as a cleanser or mask. Using it once or twice per week to make it work efficiently and avoid dry out of your skin.

2. Deep Cleansing skin:

First tip is to understand the usage before you start using or applying it. Some cleansers may be more powerful than others as you don’t want to soak up the healthy oils and moisture your skin needs. Check out the other ingredients if you’re buying a liquid cleanser–some are designed to neutralize the acidity in your skin, others have deodorizing properties; some can even double as shaving cream.

3. Getting rid of toxins in your hair:

White charcoal is derived from Binocotan Oak Trees, known for its soothing properties. A shampoo with activated charcoal can detox by attracting dirt and oil which is then washed away. In any case, it is not going to disrupt your hair properties.

4. Improving scalp conditions:

Activated charcoal is going to relieve you from dandruff, oily and itchy scalps. The activated charcoal will work on your scalp the way it does on your skin and hair: pulling out toxins and purifying.

5. Smaller pores:

Daily routine does not make us realize that our skin pores gets clogged. Activated charcoal–when used in a face mask–binds to dirt and helps pull it out of your pores, making them less visible. This leaves your face feeling fresh.