Powder Product

Wheat Grass Powder

Vagad`s Khadi Wheat Grass Powder is a complete nutrient rich,living green food with potent anti-bacterial and immuno strengthening properties. Wheatgrass chlorophyll is similar to molecular structure of blood,it aids haemoglobin production,cell renewal,reduces ill effects of radiation, intensive antibiotic therapy and restores pH blood levels.

Moringa Powder

Moringa powder is good for those who suffering from malnutrition and those who require extra nourishment,such as Athlets,Body builders, Sports persons,Expecting and Lactating mothers,Growing children.

Hair Wash Powder

Vagad`s Khadi Hair Wash Powder a pure completely natural hair cleanser made with a unique blend of herbs to keep hair luxuriant and glossy. It has anti-bacterial properties and prevents premature graying,meanwhile relieving scalp from infections.