Gel Details

Natural Aloevera Gel

Vagad`s khadi Natural Aloevera Gel Moisturize your skin. It removes Excess oil from the skin.Therefore can be suitable for oily skin.

Under Eye Gel

Vagad`s khadi Under Eye Gel helps to improve blood circulation under eye region. Removes metabolic toxins from the blood under the eye region. Reduces puffiness and soothes tired eyes.lightens the dark circles.

Face massage Gel

Vagad`s khadi Face massage Gel is blended with aloevera and cucumber moisturize your skin and gives soothing effect.

Gold Face massage Gel

Vagad`s khadi Gold Face massage Gel is enriched with gold mineral Extract,this massage gel is a powerful skin rejuvenating agent that deeply penetrate into the skin and brings sheen and radiance.It also improves blood circulation restores skin softness and smoothness.

Almond and Honey Scrub Gel

Vagad`s khadi Almond and Honey Scrub Gel is packed with goodness of Almond and Honey.It nourish your skin.Almond Extract provide nutritive value to your skin and honey retain moisture.

After Sun Aloevera Gel

Vagad`s khadi After Sun Aloevera Gel,Aloevera is best known for its instant cooling and moisturizing effect.

After Sun Mint Aloevera khadi Gel

Vagad`s After Sun Mint Aloevera khadi Gel it is combination of cleanse and nourishing. Mint removes impurities and aloevera gives moisturization.